College Prep Seminar: Michelle Liang

This year, the Milwaukee Chinese Community Center (MCCC)  annual College Prep Seminar was hosted on Sunday, May 21st. Four high school seniors and one college freshman attended to share their experiences and their advice for the application process. Summaries are included below for your perusal; a full video of the seminar can be found at How To Purchase Xanax Online Congratulations to these students for their great achievements!  Youth Section Editor: Janie Xue Xanax Pills For Sale Online Michelle Liang Buy Xanax Nyc Parents: Yong Liang (Father), Zijing Feng (Mother). YLA Involvement: Designer of Lantern Magazine and MCCC youth dance team A student of Brookfield Central High School, who was admitted to Rhode Island School of Design, Parsons School of Design, UW-Madison, and Case Western Reserve. She will attend Rhode Island School of Design this fall. Prescription Xanax Online My advice to avoid stress is to make a schedule and get things done ahead of time. Don’t dedicate all of your time on solely academics — have fun, and enjoy the high school experience. In terms of extracurriculars, focus on two or three things that you are really passionate about. Make sure you do not stretch yourself too thin. While writing your college essay, make use of online resources and tips, but know that there is no formula to the perfect essay. Take time to brainstorm, make multiple drafts, and have friends and teachers look at your essay. 合作伙伴
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