China Lights

The Mid Autumn Festival in Boerner Botanical Gardens, also known as China Lights, has rapidly become a favorite among festival goers. Starting last year, the China Lights Festival dazzled the eyes of thousands of visitors with its glowing lights taking the form of various plants and animals. My personal favorite was the gorgeous fire colored koi fish that seemed to come alive with the burning hues of red and gold. The lanterns are diverse and vary in color, shape, and form. Each set of lights show a vivid scene, some depicting massive gatherings of flowers or fruits and others portraying scenes from ancient Chinese history and mythology. Every one of these cloth covered lanterns is imported all the way from the Sichuan province in China, making this festival a unique and authentic cultural experience.
Although the lights take center stage, there are still many more experiences the China Lights Lantern Festival has to offer. As visitors walk around Boerner Botanical Gardens in the crisp fall air, they can snack on warm treats from the many food booths that line certain walkways. Visitors can almost taste the mouthwatering treats from the aroma wafting through the air. There are a wide variety of food to enjoy at China Lights, from traditional festival food like popcorn to the classic Chinese egg rolls.
In addition to the food and brilliant lights, talented performers entertain crowds of people on the main stage. Musicians and dancers from all over show the features of Chinese culture. Chinese yo yos, string instruments, face changing, juggling, and martial arts are just a sliver of what the performers have to offer. Each program is distinct and the attire of each person is aesthetically pleasing to view. The audience can really feel how much effort is put into each performance and can appreciate this.
With the dazzling lights, delectable food, and gifted performers, there is something at the Mid Autumn Festival in Boerner Botanical Gardens for everyone.

Written by April Fan

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