I Am Serious

Jeffrey Chen

I am serious.
I wonder if you are formal too.
I hear myself groaning about other people being too immature;
I see myself being polite and formal;
I wish other people would be more serious about learning.
I am serious.

I pretend to be in space,
I feel like an object floating in space.
I touch my pet turtle when I lift him into the air when I pretend he’s in space;
I worry that affordable space tourism will not happen in the near future;
I cry when a space exploration fails and people die.
I am serious.

I understand humans always want power;
I say don’t become corrupt and abuse it.
I dream of a modern, civilized, and stable society.
I hope conflicts in the future will be fought for the better of everyone.
I am serious.

Together we are all human;
Together we will improve this world for society;
Together we will make this world educational;
Together we are human and I am the disinfector.

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Editor’s note: Jeffrey Chen wrote this poem in fifth grade, but he is currently going to be a seventh grader attending New Berlin Eisenhower Middle/High School. He enjoys reading and writing, especially about space. With this, he is looking forward to furthering his education in middle school.

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