Dragon Boat Festival

Throughout recent years, the ancient Chinese sport of dragon boat racing has become increasingly popular in cities around the world.  One such example is Milwaukee. This city has hopped onto that boat with its annual Dragon Boat Race at Veteran’s Park. However, due to an unexpected algae bloom at the formerly mentioned park, this year’s location was changed to Lakeshore State Park.
The Milwaukee Dragon Boat Festival offers a great experience for those looking for a fun sport. This year, nearly 60 teams participated in the event. The high number of people did not intimidate anyone; instead, it inspired a friendly sense of competition on the lake. It is truly thrilling to watch the teams compete against one another as the sparkling water splashes around them. Seeing the participants try their best in this intense sport is absolutely amazing.
This event can also appeal to those who are keen on learning more about Chinese culture. While walking along the lake, spectators and volunteers enjoyed authentic Chinese food from local restaurants as they saw the racers struggle to stay in sync on the water. There was also a variety of colorful booths that housed craft-making areas for children and sold traditional Chinese clothing. However, one of the most popular booths was the Chinese yo-yo demonstration. As people walked by the booth and saw the demonstrators toss bright red Chinese yo-yo’s in the air with ease, they were inspired to try it for themselves. The Milwaukee Dragon Boat Festival is a great place for anyone interested in Chinese culture.
At the end of the day, there is a grand awards ceremony congratulating each team. Platters of glittering medals and silk lined boxes with glass trophies are carried out and onto the stage. The awards are then presented to each member of a team. Everyone goes home satisfied with a shiny medal or a group trophy.  This ceremony wraps up the event and the Dragon Boat Race experience.
By: April Fan

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